Ecclesiantics Guidelines

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Welcome to Ecclesiantics, our clearinghouse for discussion of all aspects of liturgy and worship practices. Whether you're into ritual and rubrics, a happy-clappy charismatic, or part of the emerging church scene, this is the place to ask about it all. As always, please read the guidelines before posting. Please read these in conjunction with our FAQs & the ships 10 commandments.

1. Staying on topic

This is a dedicated forum and the discussion should focus on worship practices. The kinds of threads acceptable here are: emerging and traditional church practices; sharing of experiences; debates about liturgical and worship issues raised.

2. New threads

Please start a new thread only if you want to raise an issue that isn't already being discussed on the forum. If a discussion is already underway on the subject you're interested in, just join in on the existing thread. Having multiple threads dealing with the same subject fragments the conversation. In other words: search is your friend.

3. No outings!

There will be no outing of Mystery Worshippers, so do not ask or speculate. By the same token, any Mystery Worshipper responding to a thread about one of their reports is requested to maintain the same pseudonym under which they submitted the report.

4. No personal attacks

All the Ship of Fools discussion forums are governed by the 10 Commandments, our set of agreed rules, and this forum is no exception. If you must get personal, take it to Hell. Other than that, enjoy yourself. The hosts of this forum are listed at the bottom of this guideline. If you have any questions feel free to contact them.

5. Your hosts

Need help? The rite people to go to are @Spike and @Nenya
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